Sample Lab Report

Lab report, one of the main parts of the study. Typically, lab reports – are your explanation of the experiment that you have learned and what conclusions did. We want to offer you a sample lab report.

  • The title page includes the name of work, and all the other standard information.
  • The beginning of lab report is preceded by the formulation of objectives and a description of the physical phenomenon that is studied in the paper. Next, specify the equipment used to conduct the study and all the materials used.
  • After write superficial introduction to the work that needs to disclose the nature of work. If you use special equipment or installation, then the requirement would result in a schematic sketch of it.
  • From the laboratory journal, which were recording the results of measurements, data is transferred to the appropriate tables of the report. All tables should have a title.
  • Depending on the discipline and purpose of the writing a lab report design a report contains formulas and (or) method of calculation used and the study of the influence of various factors on the study. Formulas should contain a complete transcript and consistent with the calculation of the substitution of numerical data. After calculating the conclusions presented to the calculations and, if necessary, do the calculation errors. After each exercise write the final outcome of the study, obtained in the task.

  • To report enclosed graphs, charts, diagrams, are directly related to the object of work, in the form of applications, if they were not given in the text of the work. The graphs must be shown to any of the exercises they are and what they represented.
  • At the end of the lab report example conclusions are formulated, which should be analyzed in all intermediate and final results and conclusions are given about your comparison with theoretical predictions.
  • The work shall be made in accordance with the methodological requirements of the institution.
  • Report on laboratory work, together with the theoretical material shall be deal to a teacher.