Can a Foreigner Become a Student at the University of New York?

The University of New York belongs to the most reputable educational institutions of the world. Experiencing the continuous growth in popularity, it receives dozens of applications each year and accepts thousands of aspiring students from abroad.

New York UniversityWhile the competition is high, submitting an application is a worthwhile endeavor. Young people from more than 100 countries are enrolled now, with the total number of international students exceeding 16,000. To become one of them, you should know specifics of the application procedure at this university.

Application Specifics

First of all, be aware that, for an international applicant, there are two main ways to get enrolled, namely becoming a new student and a transfer student. In either case, the documents you submit play a crucial role. To be fully prepared for the application, make sure you know in advance visa requirements for your country, have sufficient funds to finance your education, have received reference letters issued by your former or current teachers and/or employers and understand academic requirements (inclusive of any differences in grading systems in the USA and your country).

New Students

Young people who have just finished high school may apply for the University of New York as a new, first-year student. The application is to be submitted when you are in high school yet. You can do this using the Common Online Application system. The procedure will cost you $80 (a waiver can be requested).

Along with the application form, a prospect student must also submit such documents as:

  • Standardized testing scores;
  • English language test scores (except for English native speakers);
  • Portfolio (for music and art departments).

Transfer Students

Young people who already attend university or college courses can apply as a transfer student. In this case, to support your application, it is necessary to attach such auxiliary documents as:

  • Official transcript from your high school;
  • Transcript from the current college/university;
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • Portfolio (for music and art departments);
  • English language test scores;
  • A Common Application College Report;
  • A Common Application Evaluation Form.

Subject to your specific situation, additional documents may be requested.

Final Thoughts

While application requirements are not numerous, the process requires investing time and zeal. Being prepared in advance is of primary importance for the final success. Having a degree from such a reputable institution as the University of New York is a powerful factor able to boost your career. So, obviously, the endeavor is worth trying for young people who a really aspiring and want to build their life on a solid educational basis.

Along with that, being an international student in America is a captivating and rewarding experience. Hosting students from all over the world, the university, along with professional knowledge, provides a unique environment to develop numerous precious skills for future life.

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